Friday, 7 May 2010

Disastrous Night for the Nazis in Council and Parliamentary Elections.

The hard work that has been done consistently by Unite Against Fascism over the last few years is beginning to reap dividends.At the council and Parliamentary elections the BNP were not just stopped in their tracks they were pushed back massively.
In Barking the BNP had high hopes of consolidating a base they had been building for some time, with 12 councillors it had long been regarded as the jewel in the crown for the BNP in the south.
Huge amounts of financial and human resources were targeted on Barking with the hope of making Griffin the BNPs first MP.
There were widespread fears that he was in with a genuine chance of winning it.Political commentators observed that they could take control of the council and would have large amounts of public money at their disposal.
UAF has organised mass mobilisations of leafleters and canvassers to prevent this.

Nick Griffin eventually was pushed into third place.The councillors they had installed over years of work were thrown out on their ear.The Nazis were not just pushed back in Barking.

They were smashed.

Margaret Hodge the Labour Culture Minisster was returned with an emphatic 16,000 majority above the conservative candidate,with Griffin limping in in third place.In her victory speech Hodge was forthright.

“This is a great moment in history – a never to be forgotten moment for both the good people of Barking and Dagenham and for all of us in Britain. Our voters have been faced with a stark choice. They have overwhelmingly chosen to support democratic politics, built on tolerance, fairness and decency – not fascist politics built on division, prejudice and hatred. This vote is an important and clear victory for our values our respect for and solidarity with all, whatever their race, religion or background, our determination to always work in the interests of the many not the few, and our strong commitment to social mobility and equality. On behalf of all the people in Britain, we in Barking have not just beaten, but we have smashed the attempt by extremist outsiders to exploit people’s fears and concerns to foster evil national political ends. The message from Barking to the Nazi party is clear: Get out and stay out. You are not wanted here and your vile politics have no place in British democracy.”

Worse was to follow.When the count for the council seats was completed the day after the ballot they had not just failed to gain any new seats but lost every one of the 12 seats they gained in 2006.

On the Tuesday before the Election, the head of the party’s online operation resigned and took the website down with him. Simon Bennett, 41, directed BNP traffic to his personal site, which contained a lengthy diatribe against Mr Griffin and other senior figures.

Nationally the elections have been a disaster for the BNP.

The party's two remaining councillors in Sandwell were removed, as were its sole representatives in Solihull and Leeds.They have lost people in Burnley and elsewhere.
There are reports they have suffered heavy losses on Stoke Council,long regarded as a power base for the BNP.

In the past, when the Nazis have had similar disasters they have promptly indulged in internecine warfare.The sight of the Nazis tearing each other to pieces like ferrets in a sack has been one of the British lefts favourite spectator sports.

UAF has succeeded in taking the Anti-Fascist campaign into the BNPs heartlands.This is a huge advance,
It is right that we should celebrate what we have achieved.
However nationally over half a million people voted for the Nazis.

It is therefore imperative we do not ease up the pressure now.They are down but they are not out.We must not rely on a civil war within the Fascist movement to do the job for us.

Now more than ever we must build UAF and LMHR.

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