Tuesday, 19 June 2012

BNP Charity at stansted House Garden Show.

This from Lentil Eating Lefty.

Sandwiched between the RSPB and a hardware stall, SOTS appeal for donations and sell wristbands. The two men in the photo were running the stall.

The Stansted Park Garden Show which took place over this last Weekend can only be considered a success by its organisers and exhibitors. Despite the threat of rain, the Show had a good turnout and I imagine people made a fair bit of money. However, while shrubbery and gnomes were sold, Soldiers off the Street were collecting donations.

The charity aims to help soldiers who have been made homeless after tours of duty. While nothing may be wrong with this to the average reader, the charity has been to have links with the fascist British National Party. The Charity was founded by former-BNP bigwig Bill Murray, who was their former Secretary for Wales.

An Observer report demonstrates how the charity has not only failed to help soldiers, but those soldiers who raised concerns about their activities were subjected to hate campaigns.
In 2009, Nick Griffin said, “It’s politically beneficial for us to be seen with these organisations. We are also involved in other veteran organisations such as Help for Heroes and Soldiers off the Street. It definitely doesn’t hurt the party to be connected to these groups.
Nothing British, a conservative anti-BNP campaign group also claimed that the SOTS had links with the EDL.

When these links surfaced in the media, Bill Murray threatened to close the group if the negative coverage continued.
It is not known, but highly unlikely that the organiser’s of the Garden Show were aware of the links between SOTS and the BNP. An email has been sent to them notifying them of this, and any reply will be reported here.
From their Facebook group, it appears that they attend a few events such as this. If they are attending an event near you, contact the organisers to notify them of their links.

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