Monday, 1 October 2012

Opposition grows to Golden Dawn's Canada section being launched.

Hot on the heels of the Nazi Golden Dawn's launch of its New York section, they have now launched a section in  Montreal.The white supremacist website STORMFRONT has enthusiastically been promoting the Canadian section of the Greek Nazi organisation.Golden Dawn has come to further notoriety over the last week over the videos of their members assaulting immigrants in the flea market in Athens.

The new section has been operating since the beginning of September. It has been  ostensibly  collecting for the poor of Athens. Although they make no bones about the fact that anything collected will only go to white Greeks.
 As reported in National Post they are completely upfront about the racist nature of their organisation.

It reports:

“[Golden Dawn] is blatantly and proudly anti-immigrant,” says Phil Triadafilopoulos, an associate political science professor at the University of Toronto.
 “They combine the political ideology of extreme right-wing xenophobic parties with the ethos and tactics of a street militia.”
And when the group turns away non-Greeks, he says, Golden Dawn doesn’t care whether they are in the country legally or not. “They are anti-immigrant, period.”

Prof. Triadafilopoulos says that most Greeks have “deep misgivings” about Golden Dawn.
Yet the party is doing little to temper its image. Reports allege that members have begun patrolling downtown Athens, beating anyone who doesn’t appear to be a Greek.

There is however opposition growing to the presence of the support group in Montréal.

 Below is a petition currently circulating against: Golden Dawn in Canada.

  Here is a link to the petition.

Please  sign and circulate.

Sign here to stop Golden Dawn Nazi Organization in Montreal!

Sign here to stop Golden Dawn Nazi Organization in Montreal!

Why this is important

The existence of a Nazi Organization in Canada such as Golden Dawn, the Greek Neo-Nazi party, is against the Canadian Charter of Human Rights.

Their leader has written extensively on the goodness of the nazis and white supremacy, and ends a passage quoted on the site with a “HEIL HITLER”. Not to mention their goal of expelling gays, immigrants, addicts, the disabled, and those with mental illness from Greece, and creating a blood registry to ensure citizens’ “purity”. Or the brutal beatings of gays and immigrants, often with help from the cops.

L'existence d'une organisation nazie au Canada comme L'aube Doree, l'organization Naziste de Grece est contraire à la Charte Canadienne des droits de l'homme.

Posted September 23, 2012

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