Thursday, 20 June 2013

EDL attempt to hijack Armed Forces day in Woolwich with American Islamophobes Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer .

The English Defence League have done their utmost to exploit the barbaric murder of Lee Rigby.  To a large extent this has now proved unfruitful. Lee Rigby’s family, his regiment and of course Help For Heroes have issued condemnations of The English Defence league’s attempts to foment hatred as a result of  this tragedy.

The EDL are now attempting to hijack Armed Forces Day for their political purposes. They have announced that they intend to march and Rally in Woolwich on the 29th of June,which is Armed Forces Day.

EDL members giving Nazi salutes at the Cenotaph ,demonstrating their contempt for those who laid down their lives in  the battle against Fascism.

Pamela Geller and Robert  Spencer , the two most notorious Islamophobes operating in North America have been  invited over to speak at the rally.

The EDL are quite clearly trying to reconnect with the support they received from their periphery  who were outraged at the death of Lee Rigby , and who have largely become disillusioned with them as they realised the true nature of the EDL.Clearly this is an attempt to Hijack Armed Forces Day .
True to form the Nazis always hide behind the flag.
There is now a petition under way supported by Hope Not Hate to persuade The Home secretary, Teresa May to ban Geller and Spencer from the country.
There is a problem with this. Whilst it might be desirable for them to be banned ,this should not be the primary focus for Anti Fascists.She may well ban them,she may even ban their march.However, they will still have their Rally.It is not within her gift to ban  that.
It is the opposition to the EDL protest whether stationary or moving ,where peoples energies should be focused.
We need to have the largest possible mobilisation against the EDL in Woolwich to turn back the recent renaissance in their fortunes.

The EDL must not be permitted to use public outrage over the death of Lee Rigby to foster race hate and intolerance.

All those interested in attending the counter protest in Woolwich please contact:

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