Tuesday, 23 July 2013

English Defence League Riot with Police in Birmingham.

Graphic taken from an EDL site.

This, broadly speaking is how the EDL  sees it's relationship with the Police, at least, when it doesn't get it's own way.The turnout on Saturday by the Racist EDL gives some cause for concern.The EDL in recent weeks has seen a renaissance in it's popularity since the brutal murder of Lee Rigby.
After the EDL was condemned by the Rigby Family, his Regiment  and Help for Heroes there has been a waning in their support.However, in Birmingham they managed to mobilise significant numbers and most put their figure at about 850, it was certainly in the high hundreds.

On Saturday there were isolated scuffles when Anti-Fascists tried to breach police lines,however the main trouble was when the EDL went on the rampage yet again.

They were ostensibly not  given permission for a march.However the police facilitating a pub for them to drink in and then escorting them to the assembly point appeared to be a march in all but name.The Bar Risa, like all the other drinking establishments in the city centre had originally refused to be the EDL's watering hole for the day , however they conceded to do it after the Police requested them to do so.

The proceeds are going to be given to charity.

EDL chanting obscenities.

The EDL were marched down to Centenary square .I t was here that the trouble started. They broke through police lines and smashed up a bus shelter. According to The Sun they pulled a skull cap off a Muslim mans head  urinated on it and then set fire to it.Passers by were abused and assaulted.When police contained the situation they reverted to assaulting the police.

Below scenes of a man getting involved in a confrontation with the police with his son in tow :

A picture below of his clearly distressed son.

What kind of an idiot behaves like that when in charge of a child?Who would take a young child on a demo that could be potentially violent?

Needless to say the EDL were not unopposed.The UAF managed to get around 500 on the streets,and had a vibrant demo Many attended the Unity event in Chamberlain Square.However, they were outnumbered.. There seems to be a pattern with the EDL almost reaching extinction and then bouncing back.They are nowhere close to mobilising people in their thousands like they did three years ago.
However, they have undeniably made a bit of a comeback.
They intend to protest in Tower Hamlets on September 7th.It will probably be a static protest as Teresa May, the Home Secretary will probably ban a march. This is irrelevant, they will be there ,or at least they will attempt to be there.
It is therefore essential we have the largest possible mobilisation to keep them out of Tower Hamlets.

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