Sunday, 8 December 2013

Portsmouth EDL Flashmob protest outside Mosque.

Photograph from Portsmouth News.

A frankly bizarre slogan, One might presume that terrorists were already radicalised.
But then again these are the guys responsible for this little gem.

Evidently the EDL are in league with the White Witch.

This was another rather desperate protest for Portsmouth EDL.The first we heard of it was around 7.30 when we were informed that there were about 20 of them opposite the Mosque in Victoria Road North.When I got down there about 20 minutes later there presence had been reduced to about 15.We did a quick call out of UAF who lived locally to get some support there.

The EDL always need something to hang a particular protest on,in this case it appears to be that a local Muslim has gone to fight with an Islamist group in Syria.

This was a desultory affair and within a short period of time we outnumbered them without any difficulty. The EDL have further embarrassed themselves by claiming they surrounded the Mosque, which presumably means they have very long arms.We peaked at 22 and for the last hour of their protest they were down to 11 people.Under the circumstances we didn't even send out a mass text to get people down there.Portsmouth UAF and Portsmouth Anti-Fascists easily outnumbered them.

This is yet another manifestation of how weak they have become.A rather pathetic end to what has been a pretty disastrous year for the EDL.

Hopefully in 2014 we can finish them off once and for all.

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