Tuesday, 3 June 2014

The Investigation. A story for our time ,and all times.

The Work-In-Progress Theatre Group proudly present a reading of an abridged version of The Investigation by Peter Weiss. Edited and directed by Waldemar Maxim.

This play is based on the transcripts of an actual trial in Germany in 1965 at which the survivors of Auschwitz tell their story and the camp personnel attempt to explain/deny their role in the mass murder.

This play was put on at the Arcola Theatre in London seven years ago and had full houses. The cast is very strong and the evening, if not enjoyable, will certainly be memorable.

Limited seating so book your tickets early.

D-Day Museum 023 9282 6722
W-I-P Theatre Group 07968 262 805

This is a public reading of one of the most celebrated works of the 1960's documenting the Frankfurt Auschwitz Trials of 1963-1965.

It is one of the most compelling works that deals with the Holocaust and is a truly unforgettable experience.
It was recently revived by a Congolese theatre company to examine the experience of the Rwandan massacre.The cast was made up entirely of survivors of the massacre and toured extensively across Africa.

Where people are demonised and objectified it is a pertinent examination of what leads societies to commit such horrors.

It is a difficult and necessary work of art.

This is a truly extraordinary work ,please come out and support it.

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  1. Please buy your tickets in advance either through Max if you see him, or through the Work-In-Progress Theatre Group - the D-Day Museum will take 10% of every ticket sold on the door.