Thursday, 9 October 2014

"EDL " Fascists to hold another protest in Portsmouth.Sat 11th.

There is to be another EDL type march to be held in Portsmouth.Although this is not an "Official " EDL march many of the usual suspects are involved.
The march is being called with the  support of a ragbag of Fascist and Racist groups.Ignoring the wishes of Lee Rigby's family they are using his tragic death to promote race hate.

They are calling the march,depending on which post you read ,for the following : to remember Lee Rigby,stop Muslim Schools ,stop more Mosques being built, to oppose Isis and to oppose multiculturalism.

The Nazis are crowing that the Police are planning to allow them to march through highly contentious areas.They are claiming they will be marching up Albert Road (where many Asian businesses are) and also past the two main Portsmouth Mosques.

This is from one of their supporters on Facebook that Portsmouth Nazi Watch posted :

"Hello everyone please can everyone share this we have organised a march for this Saturday the 11th start in at 12 noon the route Starts at the muslim school in lake road....down fratton, then onto Victoria Road South past the jami mosque then onto Albert road, back up Lawrence road, onto fawcett road back onto fratton road back at start point!!! This is a protest for our country to stop moscs Islamic schools n there law bring as many people as u can its time to take back wat our ancestors thoughts wars to keep be with us or against us hope to see u all there "

This also has been doing the rounds.

The Police have not finalised the route , this has to be sorted out and agreed by the Police and the local council.,so I suggest you get on the phone right now.

  The racist march is being publicised on South East Alliance,NF and other EDL breakaway forums.This will attract all sort of Fascists and Racists.

They have to be opposed.

We need to sort out the largest possible mobilisation.

We will be assembling at Lake Road near The Madani Academy at 11.45 AM. Obviously details may change.

Facebook page for our counter protest.

Link here.

Oppose Racist and Sectarian March in Portsmouth.Portsmouth UAF

 It will be updated but please use it as an organiser.

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