Sunday, 4 October 2009

No Nazis on question time!

Nick griffin on"Jewish control of finance."

Nick Griffin on "Jewish control of the media."

This is the man the BBC want on Question Time.

They claim they have to give him a platform because he is the leader of a democratic party.
There is nothing democratic about the BNP. It is a racist and Fascist
organisation dedicated to kicking every single black and Asian
person out of this country.
Griffin himself wrote: “When the crunch comes power is the
product of force and will, not of rational debate.” He isn’t interested in
impressing people with his arguments – he wants to back up the
BNP’s slogans with “well-directed boots and fists”.
The BBC does not have to give Griffin a platform to spout his
doctrine of race hate. It has chosen to roll out the red carpet to racists
and fascists. And by doing so, it has chosen to treat black and Asian
people with contempt. More airtime for the BNP will lead to more racist
attacks on the streets.
If you’re disgusted by Nick Griffin and appalled by the BBC’s
decision to host him, come join our demonstration outside Question
Time on Thursday 22 October.
Shame on the BBC for inviting the Nazi BNP onto Question Time
No platform for Nazis • Stop racistattacks • Unite to stop the BNP.

Unite Against Fascism will be protesting at the
BBC headquarters.

Picket from 9am. Main demonstration from

5pm, Thursday22 October

There will be a local demonstration outside BBC TV headquarters in Southampton provisionally called for 2.00.PM saturday 17th.
More details when available.

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