Monday, 5 October 2009


The english defence league first came to prominence after the Islamist group Al Mahajiroun held a demonstration in Luton against The parade of Royal Anglican Regiment troops returning from Afghanistan.
It was pointed out that after weeks of campaigning they only managed to muster about 15 supporters.

Most people thought that apart from being fairly unrepresentative of the muslim community its focus was wrong.
Anti-War campaigners said that their anger would be better directed at the government rather than young men and women who were not consulted where they were deployed and were effectively just workers in uniforms.
There were already activists within the British Fascist community who were forming groups around the focus of anti-muslim feeling.This precipitated the forming of a faction by fascists growing restless at Griffins respectable route to power and who were longing for a bit of street action.


The first two marches revealed to everybody what they were about.

On 24th August they held a march in luton under the pretext of "defending our troops."

It was used as as excuse to attack Asian people and Asian owned businesses.
A similar event was organised on the 4th of july in Birmingham city centre,when they abused black and asian people.
Clearly there was insufficient opposition being mobilised against them.
Letting them march unopposed means allowing our streets to be taken over by nazis ,and permitting our black and asian citizens to be abused and attacked.
It means letting the Nazis control our streets.

All the subsequent marches have been rigorously opposed.

This is a clip of some of their members "siegheiling "during their recent rout in Birmingham.

The EDL had agreed with police that they would not march near the city centre.But in the end tried to march there chanting "Muslims out"and carrying placards with "No more Mosques".

One of the leading figures on the EDL march was Chris Renton,a BNP organiser from Weston Super Mare.One was wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the words Zyklon B, the cyanide gas used by the Nazis to kill millions of jews and hundreds of thousands of gyspies during the Holocaust.
They attempted to march down the high street and were throwing beer bottles at Asians.
By 3.00p.m.around 500 anti nazi protesters were opposing them.

After a series of skirmishes during the afternoon they were penned in behind police lines.
Eventually the police rounded up the racists and put them on two “special buses”.

They allowed one bus to drive to Lancaster Circus, over a mile from the city centre, where the EDL held a rally in an underground subway.

One EDL supporter bitterly complained on a website noticeboard: “We were kept on that bus for over five hours. We were then released at half one
in the morning – no buses, no trains – and we had to wait five hours in the freezing cold for the first train out of Coventry.”

It's all too too tragic and it simply wrings the heart.

And over 70 of them were charged and fined £80 each for smashing up the bus.

Since the protest the EDL has said that its supporters will not march in Birmingham again because the “police will not protect them”.


There have been similar debacles for them in Harrow.

This is The English Defence League chanting "Mohammed is a paedo."

Proof that they are not opposed to Militant Islam ,they hate and want to insult all Muslims.

One of the heartening things about the events of the last few weeks has been the emergence of radicalised Muslim youth who are clearly prepared to take the nazis on, and are more than willing to defend their home turf.

They have served notice on the Nazis that they are here to stay and here to fight.

The EDLs next outing is due on 10th October in Manchester.

The depressing news that a Muslim Cemetery in the town has been vandalised and desecrated is sadly unsurprising.

This is pretty much par for the course from the Nazis.This was frequently a tactic used in the 70s and 80s.Then it was against Jewish graveyards
now it is against Muslim ones.

Same cowardly behaviour, different scapegoat.

It is imperative that they are not given a free ride on the 10th.


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