Monday, 23 November 2009

Love Music Hate Racism gig reportback.

Uaf Portsmouth would like to thank all those,as they say,who made it possible.Firstly many thanks to Ben the events manager at little johnny Russells and all the staff who did such a great job.

Harri who got the whole thing staged.
Gareth for making a pointed speech .
Chris for getting the publicity around town and Sam and Hannah for doing all the work around the students union.
Nobody of course would have turned up at all if it weren't for the talent.

Thanks to Joe Wells for compering the evening.
Thanks to the performers, Liver and Lungs,Joey Tu, Tommy Comstock and Rob Moore.

The gig was a huge success on many fronts.It was a great evening and we managed to sign several people up for future activism and sold heaps of badges and T shirts.

In all £200 was raised for pompey Uaf.
None of this money will be spent on perks for the commitee it will all go on building the campaign against the BNP in portsmouth,on rallies leaflets etc.
Many thanks to everyone who organised and supported the event.

There are two future Love Music Hate Racism events being organised.
If you want to help organise them or are in a band etc please contact Gareth on 07968417429.

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