Monday, 23 November 2009

Zero Tolerance to Nazi Graffiti in Portsmouth

We recently had a complaint about Racist graffiti in one of the blocks in portsmouth.This was reported to one of the council officers in portsmouth.It appears that the offending graffiti has now been removed.

We  approached the council for a clarification of what its policy is.The situation is that any graffiti which is felt to constitute hate speech will be cleaned off promptly,within 24-48 hours after a complaint has been lodged.

If a complaint is made on a duty phone over the weekend then council workers have to use their own judgment as to whether to take action over it.

The days when anti-racists had to spend an evening doing a"paint-out" with a look-out are over.This is another area where progressive politics have gone mainstream.

However it requires somebody to make the complaint.
Don't assume that somebody else has made the call.
Ring up and complain!

Graffiti Removal:

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