Sunday, 7 March 2010

Meet the new Nazi. Just like the old Nazi.

"What's good enough for Hitler's good enough for me"

Introducing Barry Bennett.The Nazi BNPs chosen candidate for Portsmouth.
His candidature was announced with much fanfare by Andrew Brons on the BNP website.Brons along with Nick Griffin is one of the two Euro MPs that the BNP have. Those of you with long memories will remember his conviction for a breach of the peace and using insulting language.The offending language in this instance was shouting during a street meeting "White Power" and "Death to the Jews".
Then again of course ,he was co-editor with Richard Vernall of the National Front journal New Nation.Vernall was notorious as the author a work of Holocaust denial called Did six million really die?
Which was the bible of Nazi Holocaust deniers for many years,it has now been usurped by the insane ramblings of David Irving.
But enough of his colleagues.Let Mr Bennett speak for himself.
When The Guardian did an expose of the Nazi views of prominent members of the BNP last year Bennett was a prominent example.
According to The Guardian he posted an article on a white supremacist website the bizarre comment,
"David Beckham is not white he's a black man."
He was just getting warmed up,he continued,"Beckham is an insult to Britishness and i'm glad he's not here".
He further added,
"I know perfectly respectable half-jews in the BNP...even Hitler had honorary Aryans who were of jewish whatever's good enough for Hitler's good enough for me.
God Rest his soul."

God rest his soul!

The electors of portsmouth will have no truck with Mr Bennett and his Nazi friends and will resoundingly reject him at the ballot box.

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