Sunday, 7 March 2010

Portsmouth Rally Against the Nazis

Guildhall Library March 25th
7.30 PM
Hosted by Portsmouth Unite Against Fascism
Principal Sponsor National Association of Schoolmasters /Union of women Teachers.

Sarah McCarthy Fry.MP Portsnouth North
Mike Hancock. MP portsmouth South
Martin Smith.National spokesperson Love Music Hate Racism.
Jerry Bartlett Deputy general secretary National Association of Schoolmasters/Union of women Teachers.

The British National Party is hoping to make a breakthrough at the next election ,they hope that the generalised cynicism with established politics will make for a more conducive environment for their Fascist-lite politics.

Nick Griffin once said that people Voted BNP because they saw ,"what they percieved to be a strong disciplined organisation with the ability to back up its slogan "rights for whites" with well directed boots and fists.When the crunch comes,power is the product of force and will and not of rational debate."
The recent attack on Dominic Kennedy of The Times by official BNP stewards at a press conference shows that beneath the veneer of faux respectability
they are still the same Nazi thugs and are outside our tradition of pluralist democracy.

We are hoping people will use the rally as a focus for opposing the BNP and that people will take away copies of the unity charter to sign and circulate amongst their communities.

We are urging trade unions and community groups to sponsor the rally and to bring their banners/emblems to the meeting.

This is the first major Anti-Fascist rally in portsmouth for years.
Please join with us and help to build it.

If you want to help please contact:Simon Magorian at

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  1. More like the UAF are the Nazi's with the tactics that they use. The junkie UAF are the thugs.