Wednesday, 15 June 2011

No EDL at Portsmouth War Memorial .No EDL in Guildhall Square.

In the last couple of years the EDL have sieg heiled defecated and vomited their way accross the city centres of many towns.Now they want to pay us a visit.

The policy of UAF has remained the same,if they are given town squares we have national mobilisations against them.If it appears they are having their rally at the war memorial inevitably that is what will happen.

Their conduct is well known and it hardly needs to be discussed further.However,the tactics in dealing with their right to protest possibly do.

In recent months rather than allowing them to take over city centres and effectively close them for the local community ,they have been pushing their events into car parks and outskirts facilities.

This has had the effect of making their events less attractive and allowing everyone else to get on with their lives.

Last week in Dewsbury they did much the same and it minimised the impact of their presence considerably.The idea of them at The Guildhall War Memorial would be a huge step backwards.Apart from the fact that it would be unacceptable due to the large number of EDL who have fascist sympathies to use it as a platform,it would give a huge boost to them in giving them the focus they so desperately crave and would pull more of them into Portsmouth from far afield.

The other more salient point would be; What message does it send out? Some would see it as almost a reward for their conduct outside the Jami mosque before christmas,when fireworks, broken bottles bricks and roofslates were thrown at the people who turned out to defend the Mosque.

They haven't even waited for permission they are already publicising this event.This is also the same night as the graduation ball, and they are known for their hatred of students.Their wannabee Fuhrer Tommy Robinson,or whatever he's calling himself this week, seems to think they have a God given right to march anywhere,and that people should adapt to his plans.

At one point last year they were squealing that the incidents outside the Jami Mosque were nothing to do with them.Now it seems things have changed.

The promotional video for their demonstration,above,includes images of the disgraceful scenes outside the Jami Mosque last year.This begs certain questions.

Exactly what kind of people are they trying to attract?

Exactly what will be the nature of their event?

The Guildhall is about 10-15 minutes from the Jami Mosque,and on previous occasions they have broken through police barriers and rioted.To say this is cause for unease would be a masterpiece of understatement.

The presence of the EDL in the town centre is unacceptable.
UAF have protested about the nature of this event at the war memorial ,as has Portsmouth Trades council.
We urge everyone to write to their councillors, the Police, their local MPs and the media to voice their concerns and to demand this event is moved out of the town centre.

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