Thursday, 30 June 2011

Protest Against The English Defence League March July 16th.

A peaceful EDL demo.

Vigil against the EDL
Provisional details 12.00 noon. Guildhall Square.

The situation is still extremely confused,and we are still unsure what has been decided.From what we can gather the EDL are not to be allowed to have a wreath laying at the war memorial-but are to be allowed to march across the square.

After having been given assurances that the EDL would be denied use of council property, it now appears they have been given access to everything.

Below is a comment made by one of their demo organisers posted on our facebook page.

Jaco English

"By the way - The whole Demo has been 'sanctioned' :) We are working closely with the council, who have also given us Victoria Park to hold our Demo. They have also given us full use of coach parking in the city, free of charge. Your cries are falling on deaf ears, you deluded bunch - People agree with us, they relate to us. You are gaining no support - Time to call it a day :)"

Portsmouth Council take a bow.

We will be demanding use of Guildhall Square for an anti-racist vigil.
If we are denied this and forced to go elsewhere we want people to ask why they are being treated with such largesse.

However we assert our right to assemble in our own square.

Please write to the council and The Portsmouth News to ask what the hell is going on.


  1. hello, just to let you know, your demo against our LEGAL troop supporting march will get you nowhere. have fun stood like a bunch of pricks opposing a support march for our brave soldiers who die for the way you like to live, you marxist loving pieces of communist shit. from chubzy AKA julio rufus.

  2. in fact, fuck the last comment. come down, bring all your england hating friends, stand and oppose our demo. show who the nazis really are. opposing freedom of speech and right to protest? have fun with that. all you will do is bring more people into our cause. fuck islamists, fuck communists. we are the true voice of the english working class, we fight this fight, and we will win! E E EDL! NO SURRENDER!

  3. I don't see the relation to Marxism or communism would you enlighten me or have you just managed to learn two words? Furthermore is it not ironic that you are criticizing them for having an anti-demo as it is opposing 'freedom of speech' surely that is freedom of speech, the only way they'd be opposing it is if they were to physically prevent you from being there which has yet to be suggested. Finally, nowhere has he even remotely suggested he hates england.

  4. o
    This is on their @peaceful edl march portsmouth site on facebook:
    Donavan Bobby
    the only good muslim is a fcuking dead one` muhammad was a child molesting cunt and the devils advocate thats why muslims want to come to christain countrys were the true god the father of christ looks after his people but he is angry because he wanted the muslim world to breed like locusts and murder and destroy each other but he is ashamed that the christain world excepts the anti-christs into their lands and we shall be punished for it` millions and millions will die because of it and the muslims will burn in the hottest part of hell next to the clap ridden prophet they follow what prophet of god the true god would let his last prophet die in such pain with no sons to follow him on muslims they are fcuking sheep BAHHHHHH
    shame he cannot spell the ENGLISH language a lol-twat

  5. Firstly, have you ever heard the expression people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, don't insult peoples spelling when your grammar is that poor. Secondly, this is not a christian country this is a multicultural country, get used to it and stop being so xenophobic. Thirdly there is good and bad in every religion, in the bible there are many incidents that under modern standards would be considered pedophilia. Religion itself is best used as a system of beliefs and moral values, not as a thinly veiled excuse to be pedantic about outdated scriptures to suit your own xenophobic and frankly idiotic ideologies. You likely didn't understand a word of that so I will simplify it for you. You are a moron.

  6. come say it to my face at the lmhr gig then, you cant miss me mate :)

  7. Sounds good, I'd happily have an intelligent reasoned debate with you. That is after all the backbone of good political culture, plus the internet is so impersonal.

  8. Although in the mean time, can you tell me where you got this whole 'communism' business from? Otherwise the curiosity may just overcome me and i'll explode.

  9. the communism comes from the UAFs links with the swp, who back the uaf to some degree, plus most of the uafs followers on facebook say their political ideologies are communism. face it, the majority of you are marxist tools. not all of you, some are either misguided or just plain stupid.

  10. I would firstly quite like to see evidence of a conscience link between the SWP and the UAF established by the UAF, also would like some evidence of the 'majority' on facebook as i've just had a look at a few and none had communism. So evidence for that too please. Seems like you are chatting shit, mate.

  11. must be just the ones im looking at, but if im not mistaken, simon magorian writes, or has in the past written for the socialist worker. john molyneux is also heavily involved with both the uaf and the swp. and quite a few of the portsmouth uni uaf attend socialist meetings. it is my belief that the uaf are using people to recruit for socialist groups, and clearly it is working.

  12. Socialism is not communism dear. Sorry to burst your bubble. Socialism is an interesting strand of society which needs to be explored in order to relieve certain power inadequacies and inequalities, the idea of power being evenly distributed and allowing society to look after each other as well as its self. Whereas communism is the idea of sharing material wealth evenly with no limiting factors, hence eliminating incentivisation and creating opportunities for corruption in bureaucracy. This is why communism is flawed. Although you are quite right that they are linked, they are NOT one and the same. Its a bit like comparing me giving you a slice of ham or a herd of pigs stampeding your face.