Sunday, 28 April 2013

Golden Dawn:Tensions rise over Golden Dawn blood donation in Tripoli.


Protesters gather outside a Tripoli hospital to demonstrate against another Golden Dawn blood donation for Greeks only. A local cameraman is reportedly attacked by party members asking him to delete video footage
(file photo)  
(file photo) 
  Tensions rose on Saturday at the Panarkadiko Hospital of Tripoli, Peloponnese, when a local media cameraman was reportedly attacked by Golden Dawn members holding a voluntary blood donation at the hospital.

The extreme-right party members asked the cameraman to delete video footage recorded on his mobile phone, arguing that their faces should not be identifiable in the video.

Labour unionists of PAME – the trade union affiliated to the communist party KKE – had gathered outside the hospital protesting against Golden Dawn and holding banners that read “Golden Dawn is the bosses’ sidekick and the system protects them.”

Golden Dawn had announced on Friday that they would be donating blood to Greeks only, sparking strong reactions from medical practitioners, who are asking the health ministry to intervene.

Golden Dawn secretary in Tripoli Nikolaos Skantzos said that this was the second time they were donating blood, stressing that the hospital was not the appropriate place for political controversy.

The head of the PESY trade union in the Peloponnese said in a statement that, thanks to the protesters’ intervention, Golden Dawn members were forced to donate blood in the same way that any other citizen would and the blood collection bags would not be specially labeled to be given to Greeks only.

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