Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Keeping Gosport Nazi Free.

Portsmouth UAF have been out campaigning against the BNP in Gosport again. Last year we had the dubious pleasure of Sunny Martin, pictured above with Nick Griffin  standing for them , this year they are standing two candidates,although it is doubtful they will do much better.

On Saturday the 29th of April Portsmouth UAF  held a day of action in Gosport. Thousands of leaflets were posted through the letter boxes of the Bridgemary constituency. We also leafleted  Gosport high Street.There has been little appetite for their policies. From the truly ridiculous Barry Bennett at the General Election,who was famously quoted in  Stormfront :
 “I believe in National Socialism, WW2 style, it was best, no other power had anything like it,” ‘he wrote. “The ideology was fantastic. The culture, nothing like it. If it was here now, I’d defect to Germany.”
The current set of Gosport BNP seem to have been fairly preoccupied with supporting the writer of racist poison pen letters Margaret Walker.
 They also seem to be very big fans of the fake clergyman, Rev West. The Rev West is a founder of his own church, so naturally had no difficulty in becoming ordained. However, his particular brand of Christianity which concerns exclusively attacking Muslims, immigrants and gays has little support outside the narrow confines of the BNP.He seems to be invited to speak at BNP meetings in Gosport with monotonous regularity.

The "Rev" West getting truth slapped on the Nicky Campbell show.

The two candidates who are standing in Gosport are frankly a little bland. Christopher Caffin who is hoping to represent Bridgemary actually lives in Milford on Sea ,which is some way from Gosport. Gavin Miller who is hoping to represent Leesland and town appears to be both his own and mister Caffin's election agent.

Apart from being the Solent's BNP area organiser little is known about him except he has most of the predictable concerns over Muslims ,immigrants etc.

His one claim to fame appears to be an incident when he was stopped by the police wearing a stolen dress uniform belonging to a senior police officer.Apparently he found it on a window sill and promptly put it on.

I'd love to hear what a clinical psychologist would make of that.

The BNP are clearly having difficulties at the moment and are fielding a quarter of the candidates they were two years ago .The rise of the right populist UKIP could also create problems for them.However, the lack of any coherent vetting procedures within UKIP is causing problems over their choice of some candidates value systems,which frankly are more than just far right.

How this all pans out we will have to wait and see.

However,I predict another bad night for the BNP on May 2nd.


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  1. Only one of their local organisers, Gavin Miller (son of last year's candidate Sunny Martin) lives there; the other, Mark Lovelace, lives over here in Tern Walk, Milton.