Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Oppose the EDL March in Portsmouth on August 17th : Now they're targeting School kids.

The racists of Portsmouth EDL are now taking their fight to School kids.On 17th August they have announced they will be marching from the Connaught Arms along Fratton Road to the site of the new Muslim School on the corner of Lake Road.

There have been various threats in recent weeks emanating from Portsmouth EDL to hurl pigs heads onto the site and damage the property.

For the background to what's been going on please read this.

They have virtually no support in Portsmouth so they have realised that they will have to bus in support for their demo.

Their local regional organiser, Mickey Bayliss, actually lives in Bath.

Here is the masthead from his facebook page which he took down shortly before starting negotiations with Portsmouth Police over the demo arrangements.

The EDL are now busy trying to ensure that they get something more than the 50 people who attended their last march in Portsmouth.They are now publicising their demo aggressively amongst the far right community with groups like the National Front etc.

EDL supporters giving Nazi Salutes near the Cenotaph in London recently.

The idea that the EDL is opposing the School is because they are affronted by religious divisions is frankly laughable.

All faiths have the right to their own Schools if they so wish. There are plenty of other religious schools in Portsmouth.

Why are they singling out Muslims?

I think we know why.

Freedom of religion is non-negotiable.

It is important that we have the largest possible mobilisation to protest their visit to Portsmouth on the 17th.
They have been trying for ages to get a foothold in Portsmouth and it is essential we tell them they are not wanted in Portsmouth.

The assembly point for the Anti-Fascist protest is 12 Noon at the Fountain Commercial Rd. Portsmouth.
Please get as many people there as possible.Please note details may change.
Contact :


To help us build the demo it would be enormously helpful if you sign up to the protest by telling us you are attending.
Could people please go to the demo page below sign up and invite friends etc.




  1. Laffffin at you fools. You can clearly see that is not me doing the Nazi salute. Was not even at that Demo... No National front will be there either just true patriots..

  2. http://youtu.be/Q3z7Aw6QP38 Play up we will.


  3. ALL THAT IS NECESSARY FOR EVIL TO PREVAIL is for you lot to Spread lies and hatred.. Nazis.

    1. True patriots? You mean true bigots and racists. The very definition of Patriotism is to express devotion and support for your country, you are in fact ruining this country with your narrow minded views, depriving other human beings of a happy life and a freedom of education.

      Also, I believe your definitions are completely backward. Nazism is an expression of fascism. Now, because you probably don't know what fascism is I will explain it to you (god bless the freedom of education, right?). Fascists seek to unify their nation through a totalitarian state that promotes the mass mobilization of the national community. Totalitarian states seek to hold total authority over the society and seek to control all aspects of public and private life. This hereby defines the EDL (and you) as fascists, and much closer to the Nazi regime than those opposed to the EDL.

    2. No,you leftwing idiots along with islam are making people unhappy and depriving them of a happy life!Islam does not belong anywhere in the western hemisphere,because it is a sadistic,barbaric animal hating cult!!!The sooner you lot and the government take off your rose tinted fcucking specs and wake up the better!

  4. You and the rest of the EDL are a bunch of clueless mugs. Facist, racist bigots with barely a braincell between the entire lot of you. You are not wanted to welcome in Portsmouth.

    Patriots? You don't even know the meaning of the word.

  5. Sparxy we are coming and will keep on coming.. We will show you who the mugs are on the day..And Shoemange you pathetic nazi scumbag...We will be in with your lot. Hope you can make it. Its going to be fun...

    1. If you're there I'll be more than happy to slap you with a dictionary. You clearly haven't read or understood anything I've said you educationally deprived mongrel.

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  10. ShoeMange we will be back very soon. This time no notice given and will be an evening flash demo..

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