Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Stop March for England demo in Portsmouth in October.Portsmouth Trades Union Council and Portsmouth Unite Against Fascism joint Rally against the Nazis.

 Public Meeting.

24th September.


Southsea Community Centre.
St Paul's Square, King St, Southsea, Hampshire PO5 4EE.
Main speaker:

Brian Richardson.
Assistant National Secretary of UAF and Civil Rights Activist.

Other speakers TBC. 

In recent weeks there has been a flurry of Fascist activity in Portsmouth.

For years there have been attempts by various factions of the Nazi movement to establish a beach head on the south coast.Due to sustained opposition none of these attempts have born fruit. Much of this has been reported on this site.The murder of Lee Rigby was ruthlessly exploited by the English Defence League, and provided a brief boost to the fortunes of the EDL.The march in London over the summer saw the EDL get well over a thousand on the streets. A recent demo in Birmingham saw them get over a thousand on the streets.

EDL member giving Nazi Salute at the Cenotaph earlier this year.

It is clear that to write off the EDL as a spent force is dangerously complacent.What has become clearer in more recent months is that the Nazis at the core of the EDL are becoming more brazen and it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to claim to being merely a "Patriotic "organisation.

Moving footage of EDL members giving Nazi salutes at the Cenotaph in London.

March For England are now the latest group to want to invite every Nazi sect to descend on Portsmouth.They usually only organise a demo for St. Georges day In Brighton.

Their demos are usually a white trash magnet, when all the various Nazi group-lets are encouraged to drop their differences and come together.

The aim of the meeting is to attempt to bring together activists to oppose the growth of the far right in Portsmouth.

There will be Trades Council and UAF and Love Music Hate Racism stalls at this event.

We would also be pleased if anybody would like to bring Trade Union or Community Association banners to this event. If so please contact us on


  1. Pot calling kettle black uth. UAF have just as many fascist thugs hiding behind it's banner.

  2. Nazism and Fascism are 2 different ideologies, Fascists are anti Nazi and anti racist, The Nazis were a failed bunch of racists who were beaten in 1945 and in the UK they are a tiny minority that since the seventies have gone underground. The official Fascist Party of Great Britain is The I suggest you idiots go and read their website to educate yourselves, they really do not like thugs such as the UAF because they recognize them for the anti British and anti democratic communist thugs that they are. The people on the Trafalgar march will have children and pensioners with them but will still be attacked.