Sunday, 3 April 2016

Fascists have another poor day in Dover.

By Simon Magorian.

The Nazis had another bad day in Dover.The South East Alliance only managed a paltry 80 people for their Anti-Refugee hatefest.The Kent Anti Racist Network managed to mobilise  around 350 people for their event.KARN led a convoy of aid vehicles that went down to the port to be  cheered and  sent off to Calais. There were a large number of locals on the march , and the figures were bouyed up by contingents from Unite Against Fascism , Anti Fascist Network and London 2 Calais.
The AntiFascists managed to block the road where the Nazis were due to march for over an hour.It was pretty clear after the last demo in January where the Police didn't know what they were doing, that nothing was going to occur which might be an impediment to the career prospects of the Chief Constable. Not just Dover Police were in attendance but Police from Sussex, Essex and a contingent from the Met on standby.

There were very clear messages being relayed on the day. It was not just that they wanted to make a point to the Anti-Fascists (they were clearly targetting Black bloc protesters) and wanted to push the Nazis through. They also wanted to make a point to the Nazis, that they were beholden to the Police for their safety. It was as if they were saying ,the Anti Fascists protesters chant of "If it wasn't for the coppers you'd be dead." was absolutely true. I imagine the policing for the day was decided at the very highest level.
However, as far as I am aware over a dozen people were arrested all of them AntiFascists.Solidarity must be offered to all of them.
We ended up in a pub in  Folkestone ,and were discussing the people arrested.Whilst there I saw on my phone that the local Tory MP,Charlie Elphicke  had tweeted:
"Militant hard left occupying port road at Dover. Unwelcome, damaging to our nation's economy and the town. Go away."
If there is any justice there will be a major shitstorm heading his way,if he sees the Nazis as not being a problem and the people who condemn them are.
 Utterly disgraceful.
I have never been in Folkestone before ,but my mother has.She was a nursing sister here who was 48 hours on her feet when they were bringing the exhausted soldiers in from Dunkirk.
I don't imagine Mr Elphicke objected to an AntiFascist outsider like my mother being down there in 1940.Sometimes we need our AntiFascist outsiders to show support.

What has been happening in Dover has been the locals have been leading the way in showing principled oppostion to the Fascists and compassion towards the wretched suffering of refugees.
I would like to pay homage to KARN and to Bunny La Roche in particular to the sterling work they have been doing in Dover.
AntiFascists from outside will continue to come and give support .
We do not need a permission slip from the local Tory MP Mr Elphicke thank you very much.
Oh, and yes we will like my dear old mum was many years ago , be outside agitating AntiFascists on the 23rd of April when the Fascist rabble threaten to come again.
Solidarity to all.

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  1. So victory is predicated on how many people turn up? I don't see how this is a good hallmark of victory.

    The media clearly showed the fascists marching with impunity, whilst the antifa were kettled.

    This arrogant and foolish stance or assuming victory at every turn, despite the reality, means you're unable to assess your weak points.

    It's gonna be the death of the antifa movement :')