Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Pie and Mash/ South Coast Resistance Fascist Hatemob Not Welcome in Portsmouth.Join the UAF counterprotest.

There will be  Hatefest called by Pie and Mash and the local Fascists called under their latest Flag of Convenience , South Coast Resistance, on May 7th in Guildhall Square. .
It is based on a lie.

It is claiming Portsmouth Council is planning to give preferential housing to Refugees ahead of locals.Donna Jones policies regarding Refugees could be described as EDL friendly. Also it's worth pointing out for the umpteenth time. Asylum seekers get no Council housing at all!
This belongs to the school of thought that Refugees get put up in 5 star Hotels and are given shedloads of money. They normally get housed in the shittiest places and are expected to survive on £36.95 a week.

They are hoping to stir up some trouble on the basis of Anti-Refugee sentiment.They hold to the point of view , that if someone is down, rather than help them up you should give them a good kicking.

After many setbacks ,they are hoping to rebuild on the basis of hatred for Refugees which sadly is a current within British society.
What broke there  backs in Portsmouth was broad based opposition to them.Specifically the protest outside the Muslim Madami Academy about 3 years ago.Not only did we outnumber them but we could clearly say we represented Portsmouth.
We had Pensioners and schoolkids, banners from Nas/Uwt, NUT, Unison , Pcs and of course Portsmouth Trades Council.We represented all the Faiths, Students,LGBT and were totally multicultural.

They had a bunch of drunken boneheads shipped in from outside.

We intend to do the same this time round.Our opposition will be broadbased, multifaith and diverse.We want to have a colourful vibrant celebration of multiculturalism in Portsmouth.We are asking for as many Trade Union and community banners as possible.
There has been a lot of solidarity shown towards Refugees in Portsmouth. Stand Up to Racism amongst many others has organised events and solidarity protests.

Stand Up to Racism is backing this counterprotest.

It is also being backed by Portsmouth Trades Council.

It is important that his is not merely an Anti Fascist event but we also push a positive message in Solidarity with Refugees.
By affirming the rights of Refugees we also affirm our own humanity.

Please support our Facebook Page so we can start building opposition to them.

To get to the facebook page press here.

Pie and Mash for people who don't know are the mouldering remains of the EDL.Some people think it's slightly comical for a group to have a name like that.It is however rhyming slang.
Pie and Mash-Fash.

The local Nazis have had a bit of a hard time of it,of late. Every attempt they have made to resurrect there fortunes has been a dismal flop.Their latest attempt has been to try and set up a Portsmouth section of Soldiers of Odin. I saw a rather inebriated group of them sashaying around Portsmouth and Southsea station last week.
At the beginning of March there was a meeting held down here by Western Spring.
As it says on their Website :

"Recently, five Nationalists from three groups met in Portsmouth with a view to co-operating in the advancement of the Nationalist Cause. The three groups were Western Spring, Pie and Mash Squad, and the New British Union (NBU)."

Although I can't see NBU and P&M getting on particularly well ,the NBU see themselves as Mosleyite officer class type material and probably see the mashers as the kind of salt of the earth types who smashed up Communist Party meetings circa 1933.From what i can gather this consisted of half a dozen members of The Master Race in somebody's living room in Portsmouth.
It's tempting to sit back and laugh at the Fascists.However, whilst they may  be very small at the moment across the channel they are growing alarmingly.In Poland and other countries they have been getting demonstrations of  many 10s of thousands.
People are talking of Marine Le Pen , the French leader of the Fascist Front National of being a serious contender for the Presidency.
It is important we do what we can to marginalise them now.

There have been a number of these small Nazi demos up and down the country.Now, unfortunately it's our turn to oppose them.
They have issued a call out for others to support them.
It will be very small and very nasty.

However,if possible, we need to nip it in the bud now.

Please help to build for the counter protest.
Portsmouth has a brilliant tradition of opposing the Fascists.
Let's show this shower what Anti-Fascist Solidarity looks like.
Please help to build the opposition by using the Facebook page and/or contact me at the email/tel no below.

Simon Magorian
Portsmouth Unite Against Fascism

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