Saturday, 9 July 2011

For the attention of The English Defence League,and those who might be thinking of supporting their demonstration.

Letter from the Grandmother of a recently deceased Soldier.

"It has just come to my attention that Portsmouth City Council has recently granted permission for the English Defence League to parade through Guildhall Square on July 16th, in close proximity to the War Memorial.

I write to protest against this disgraceful decision which dishonours our service men and women who have given their lives in the fight against fascism and other extreme regimes, and those who are still putting their lives on the line, and to ask you to ensure that the Council changes its mind on the matter.

Many members of my family gave their lives or were gravely wounded in World Wars One and Two; last month my beloved grandson, Royal Marine Sam Alexander, MC was killed in Afghanistan,where he was fighting,as he firmly believed, to save the people there, especially the women, from the oppression of the Taliban. All of them would have been appalled by the Council's action.

Despite what they would have us believe, the EDL has at its centre a hard core of dedicated fascists. It is is simply inconceivable that such people should be allowed anywhere near the War Memorial.

My family have many connections with Portsmouth, I started my married life to a Naval Officer there, and Sam grew up in Hamble. I simply cannot believe that, in the county I love, the hard-core Nazis,the hooligans and the misguided of the EDL should be allowed to flaunt themselves anywhere near a War Memorial."

Angela Kirby (Dr)

Postscript:Permission has not been given,but the EDL are currently haggling for it.

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