Monday, 11 July 2011

Love |Music Hate Racism gig at The Wedgewood Rooms

First things first.Massive thanks to Geoff Priestley and all at the Rooms for their generosity on putting this event on at such short notice.Thanks for him and the staff for their patience,forbearance and all round fabulousness.
Thanks to Ben French for being our events manager,and doing such a fine job and to all at BFEM Events Management Specialists.
Thanks to the talent for such outstanding performances.

We have put on many events before ,but in terms of music and diversity this was unquestionably our best yet : a brilliant fusion of soul, r'n b' Hip Hop and guitar based rock.

Thanks to Maddie the compere for her wonderfulness.Thanks to dj Brett Haley,Lady Emperes,Dreno, Urban Underground, Blessed,Parv,Zinwe and The Rapids.

It was a well needed shot in the arm for those who have been campaigning and was a boost for those building for the 16th.

If i've left peoople out please send an email and i will amend it,my brain is still slightly scrambled.

This I shamelessly blagged from Blessed Artists Facebook.

See you all Guildhall Square Midday 16th July.

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