Monday, 11 July 2011

Vigil in Guildhall Square: Portsmouth says No to the EDL!

The EDL are landing in Portsmouth on the 16th.Now they have not been given permission to march to the War Memorial, the mask is beginning to slip.Now they are saying they will march whether given permission or not and people had better get out of their way.

On their facebook pages some of their leading members are referring to the police as c***s and saying they will no longer speak to the police and they're going to riot.We should not be alarmed, by thursday they will be speaking again.It's all very familiar EDL brinkmanship and bullying.

The EDL have distinguished themselves by an ability to be both vicious and boring.

We will be having our event in Guildhall Square,a very different event to theirs.

Ours has the backing of Portsmouth Trades Council and a panoply of political and religious groups.

Our event will not be just an anti-Edl event.Ours will be a celebration of multi culturalism and diversity.

Let's turn Guildhall Square into Tehir Square,obviously ours will be a model village version .We can however take some inspiration from its energy and diversity.

We want to have political groups faith groups and community and trade unionists.

We need people to bring musical instruments, poems and prayers and if they wish to, to try to create art and music on the spot.

We need to create a positive alternative to their hate based politics by promoting a vibrant alternative.

Everybody needs to make sure their own communities,faith groups and friends and families turn this into a major event.

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