Monday, 17 September 2012

Blood collected by Golden Dawn to be available for all, Hospital declares.

Nurse June Whitfield :
"Blood is blood."

Tony Hancock:
"I did not come here for a lecture on Communism !"

A good excuse for a bit of classic comedy, The blood Donor with Tony Hancock.

Golden Dawn have been told by the hospital authorities  that the Blood they collected 'for Greeks only' will be available for everyone.

Golden Dawn are more in the business of shedding blood and I imagine many would have preferred that the blood should have been refused, I presume the authorities thought that it might potentially save a life.However they are having no truck with Golden Dawns racism. 

Athens answer to June Whitfield has obviously put them straight.

From Athens News.
by Lynn Edmonds , Damian Mac Con Uladh
14 Sep 2012

Party MP Ilias Kasidiaris was among those who donated blood. Hospital officials say the blood will go to whoever needs it (EK)

Party MP Ilias Kasidiaris was among those who donated blood. Hospital officials say the blood will go to whoever needs it (EK)
Blood collected by Golden Dawn members on a square in central Athens on Friday will not be for the exclusive use of Greek patients, a hospital superviser has told the Athens News
The neofascist party set up stalls outside Agios Panteleimonas church to distribute food and collect blood, in an event organised to coincide with the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross.
Press reports claimed that the blood would be delivered to Gennimatas General State Hospital in Athens. In July, a demand by the party to create a Greeks-only blood bank was flatly rejected by the authorities.
The party's website provided no details on where and how the blood would be used, but gave strong indications that it would go to Greeks only.
However, a superviser at Gennimatas hopital's said that donors, be they individuals, associations or parties, cannot dictate where the blood goes.
"The blood goes to whoever needs it," Ekaterini Makri told this newspaper.
"We can't just save the blood. It goes off. There are no separate fridges for different associations."
Party MP Ilias Kasidiaris was among those who donated blood, in a health ministry mobile van. 
The Federation of Greek Hospital Doctors (OENGE) and the Thessaloniki Hospital Doctors Association (ENITH) condemned the blood drive as repulsive as it was based on racial discrimination and segregation. The bodies called on doctors to refuse to participate in the action.
On the square, party activists distributed potatoes, onions, carrots, pasta, fresh milk, rice and fish only to Greeks, who were required to present IDs to prove their nationality.
A brief statement on the party's website claimed similar actions were taking place across the country.

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