Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Golden Dawn attacks African Market traders in vicious Racist attack.Nazi thuggery caught on film.

For people who remember the images of Hitler's brown shirts  in Nazi Germany  smashing up Jewish shops this will all be depressingly familiar.The video shows Golden Dawn members patrolling the market, inspecting the licences of those selling goods and then moving away. Then you can see the Golden Dawn members carrying Greek  flags smashing up the stores because allegedly they didn't have a proper licence.

Apparently one of the Nazi party's MPs, one George Germanis justified the actions by saying they're entitled to do this because they did not have proper permits.

"We took a walk around the bazaar to listen to the problems of small goods sellers here and we noticed some illegal immigrant is trying to sell this stuff without the appropriate licences. We told the police then we did what Golden Dawn must do."

This conflicts with the statement of the Mayor of   Rafina. He stated they all had valid licences.

It is not just that the Golden Dawn see fit to do the job of  the police and to usurp their role.It is clear that Golden Dawn think that they are above the law. This is hardly surprising  since the police just stand around doing nothing while they assault people and smash up their property.  There were golden dawn MPs present during these assaults.

A Street vendor gives an eyewitness account of the events:

What is becoming clear is that the police, far from not merely intervening in Golden dawns violence and preventing at, are actually facilitating it.

Since the events at the market there has been an outcry at the racist violence of Golden Dawn and the police inactivity in preventing it.

The local police chief in Rafina was suspended pending the results of a government inquiry. No police were seen in any of the videos.There there is now growing unease at the level of racist violence occurring in Greece.

In August an Iraqi man was stabbed to death  by five men in Athens. This happened shortly after police had conducted a sweep of the city for undocumented residents.

Since the assaults on the street vendors the police had been forced to take the issue  more seriously . The following Monday the police launched patrols outside Golden Dawn's offices in Athens and stopped and searched people coming in and out of the building.

Far from denying the assaults Golden Dawn have complained that the police are interfering with their political work. An official from Golden Dawn claim they would be taking legal action against the police for interfering with there administrative work, and that it amounted to harassment.

It has become clear that the degree of collusion between Golden Dawn and the police force that they can be very little confidence from targeted communities with the police force.

It is therefore a matter of some urgency that targeted groups to start organising their  own self-defence.

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