Sunday, 23 September 2012

Two demonstrators stabbed after anti-Nazi demonstration in Greece.

 photo: AFP.

On Saturday several hundred people marched on the outskirts of Athens to protest against the wave of racist violence unleashed by the Nazi Golden Dawn organisation. There have been a wave of assaults against immigrants and against market traders of African descent over the last few weeks. There has also been growing unease at the role of the police, who seem reluctant to intervene in assaults the Golden Dawn are quite clearly responsible for. After the demonstration on the outskirts of Athens near the suburb of Metamorfossi a group of men of Pakistani origin were hijacked.

 A man on a motorbike pulled out in front of them and at the same time a group of men  leapt out of a car  and proceeded to assault the two men , the two men were taken to hospital  both with stab wounds.One of them is said to be in a serious condition.

Last month an Iraqi man was stabbed to death by group of five  young men in in the previous case the police seem reluctant to act against the perpetrators.

Protests against the surge in racist violence also took place in the port of Piraeus, next to Athens, and in another Athens suburb. 

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