Thursday, 29 April 2010

Barry Bennett and his Nazi leanings ,the story continues...

Portsmouth News published a helpful piece this week by Sion Donovan ,which will assist the electors of Gosport make an informed choice about whether to vote for the Nazi Barry Bennett.Most of the stuff in it will be familiar to readers of this blog.

Strangely some more digging was recently done by the people from Searchlight magazine.

"Bennett was, until recently, a regular user of the American-based nazi Stormfront website, despite being half Jewish, “from ancestry not religion” he is keen to stress. “I believe in National Socialism, WW2 style, it was best, no other power had anything like it,” ‘he wrote. “The ideology was fantastic. The culture, nothing like it. If it was here now, I’d defect to Germany.”

Perhaps the BNP should be renamed The Luftwaffe Solidarity Campaign .

What's not to love.

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