Friday, 2 April 2010

Final Programme For UAF Multicultural Festival.

One Dudley Many Cultures” Celebration rejects the hatred and division of the EDL

Saturday 3 April, 11am Stafford Street, Dudley Enter Dudley via Wellington Rd leading to Southalls Lane. Drop-off point is Cross St, DY1 1RN Please note change of location. The event will not be assembling in Market Place as previously advertised.

Bands, DJs and musicians organised by Love Music Hate Racism will be performing, along with the following speakers:

David Walker, Bishop of Dudley
Cllr Pete Lowe, Lye and Wollescote
Steve Sparrow, Interfaith Forum
Khushid Ahmed, Dudley Muslim Association Chair
Steve Beardsmore, UNISON
Mohammed Rashid, Dudley Muslim Forum
Jim Warner, Dudley Trades Council
Paul Singh, former REC representative and community activist
Steve Bell, Communication Workers Union
Kanja Sesay, NUS Black Students Campaign
Sheera Johal, Indian Workers Association
Sabby Dhalu, Unite Against Fascism
Love Music Hate Racism representative

Unite Against Fascism, together with other local community groups in Dudley, will be taking part in an event to celebrate Dudley's multi-faith, multi-racial and multicultural society this Saturday.

This is a peaceful event which brings together anti-fascists, interfaith communities, local politicians and young people celebrating the diversity of British society. It has targeted the Muslim community and Mosques in order to whip up hatred, division and violence where it has been allowed to march.

In Bolton a man was stabbed in a pub by an attacker wearing an EDL jacket in the evening following their demonstration two weeks ago. In Stoke violence and disorder ensued after their demonstration; the local Asian community and Police were attacked.

EDL supporters have paraded their violence on youtube. The EDL are made up of football hooligan groups and fascists who have been caught on camera giving Nazi salutes following their demonstrations.
Clare Short MP for Ladywell Birmingham said:

“We must all stand firmly together against those who want to spread hatred and division. Hate and prejudice is always ugly and wrong. And it never solves any of the problems that need attention.
In Germany, similar groups to the English Defence League started off spreading hatred against Jews. And then their hatred spread to disabled people, trade unionists, communists, gay people and gypsies. All were sent to concentration camps and millions were systematically eliminated. And the politics of hatred also spread to war, which engulfed the world, killed 25 million people, and left massive destruction across Europe and beyond. Today similar forces are working to spread hatred against Muslims. They are trying to incite hatred, division and war. We must stand together against this evil. There are many problems in Britain and the world. Together we can work to solve them. Divided we all will suffer”

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