Friday, 16 April 2010

Southsea Against the Nazis.

Assemble Mountbatten Fountain.

1.30 P.M.

17th April

Commercial Road Southsea.

Street meeting and leafletting.

Geoffrey Crompton is the proposed Nazi candidate for Portsmouth south.He might sound like a character out of a P G Wodehouse novel but he's representing a hate filled Nazi organisation.We need to get the word out and make it clear to the Nazi BNP that public spaces in our city are Anti -Nazi zones.

Last saturday we had a magnificent afternoon of leafletting against Barry Bennett the BNP candidate in Gosport.Between 35-40 people were involved in the afternoons action and we had a magnificent response.

The BNP seem to be loath to get out on the stump thus far.Unfortunately this is unlikely to last.It is therefore imperative we create a political culture that is as hostile to their propaganda as possible.

Please get out and support us in keeping Portsmouth Nazi Free!

Further details.

Simon Magorian


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