Thursday, 8 April 2010


Now the election is finally upon us we are about to embark on a series of street meetings and leafleting events.

The BNP has stated that it will be standing candidates in Portsmouth South (Geoffrey Crompton) and Gosport (Barry Bennett).
To kick off our campaign we will be holding a street meeting /leafleting session in Gosport.
The Portsmouth contingent will be meeting by the ferry terminal at the hard at 11.30 am.
10th April.
Please spread the word and bring yourselves, friends and workmates to this event. If you have any Union/community banners, placards etc please bring them along.

Please contact local political parties ,faith groups and community organisations you think might be supportive.
Jon Neil and Gareth Edwards have produced an excellent leaflet for us to distribute.

The idea is we will start the event at about midday and carry on for a couple of hours .The nature of the event will be dependent on how many people turn up.
If it’s a big turnout we will hold a street meeting if it’s smaller we’ll just leaflet –depending on what people want to do on the day.

If anybody has any stuff left over from the rally please bring it along. I am missing a huge pile of stickers, if you have them please bring them.
I hope to see you there!
Best wishes
Simon Magorian
Portsmouth UAF

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  1. I can't understand how a unilateral 'democratic' organisation such as the UAF stands for something so undemocratic. To say that you're not telling people who to vote for but who to vote against is hypocritical to say the least. You are still telling people what to do. Smells of dictatorship style control to me. How patronizing to tell people how to think, you really need to give the public more credit.