Friday, 4 May 2012

BNP Smashed at Council Elections.

The BNP have been buried at the elections.

I stand to be corrected but this looks like wipe-out.

Sorry,Nick. but not any more.

Consider yourself rumbled.

UAF roundup of results:

 The BNP has now been booted out of all the council seats it was defending in this year’s local council elections.

  Following the removal of Burnley’s last BNP councillor comes the happy news that the Nazi party has also lost its seat in neighbouring Pendle, where Adam Grant came second.

In Calderdale, former BNP councillor Tom Bates has failed to get re-elected as an ‘independent’, while David Jones of white power party the BPP has come in fourth.

Former BNP councillor Seamus Dunne has failed to retain his seat in Ashridge ward of Three Rivers council, Herts, by standing under the English Democrats flag.

The BNP’s Pat Richardson has been booted out comprehensively in Loughton Broadway ward, Epping Forest, Essex, coming in fourth on just 11%. BNP running mate Tom Richardson has done even worse on 5%.

Elsewhere in Epping Forest, English Democrats Party leader Robin Tilbrook has also failed miserably, on 13%. His party is the new home of disaffected BNP members, with more than a quarter of EDP candidates this time having previously stood for the BNP. Tilbrook’s EDP running mate, Eddy Butler – formerly the BNP’s national organiser and architect of its ‘rights for whites’ campaign – has crawled in last with 12% in Loughton Fairmead ward.

 The BNP have lost their council seat in Hapton with Park ward, Burnley, Lancashire – on a council that was once a notorious stronghold.
 . The BNP has lost its seats in both Heanor East and Heanor West wards, Amber Valley, Derbyshire. Its candidates were knocked well back into third place in each.

The BNP trailed in last with a poor vote in Barpool ward, Nuneaton and Bedworth. Another seat lost – and they also failed to regain the Camp Hill seat they lost in a 2009 byelection.

The BNP’s seats in the Brinsworth & Catcliffe and Maltby wards, Rotherham have gone too.
More results in areas where the BNP were defending seats are expected later today, along with results in areas contested by fascist candiudates from the BNP, English Democrats and National Front.

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