Sunday, 6 May 2012

Nazis hammered in Gosport.

It was a truly disastrous election night for the BNP.Gosport candidate Sunny Martin also got an appalling vote.All seats that the BNP was attempting to defend were taken from them.The BNP are now finished as an electoral force.How much longer they can stumble on is anybodys guess.With a low turnout they can sometimes be guaranteed a better proportional vote.It was in the midst of the MPs expenses scandal that Griffin and Andrew Brons managed to break through,almost entirely due to public disgust turning into mass abstentions for supporters of the three main parties.

Although Labour were the clear winners in the elections it was on a turnout of less than a third ,which should be a cause for concern to the political class.

Whilst the BNP vote in proportional terms made up 3.9% this flatters the candidate.It may appear to be a small vote, it requires however further scrutiny.
At local elections the first thing you do is get your friends, family  and party comrades to gather round and support you.Even if you have the social skills of Vlad the Impaler this should add up to 30 or 40 people.

So how many people voted for the BNPs great white hope in Gosport?


Oh dear.

By any estimation this is a piss-poor result.

There were many people who alerted people to the danger of voting for the BNP.We were very concerned that at a time of an anti-politiics atmosphere amongst the electorate,some might vote for them as an act of protest. Many people in Gosport lobbied against the BNP at the elections.

On the Saturday before the elections UAF did a mass leaflet of Gosport High Street.About 1500 anti BNP leaflets were given out.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who helped out.It Rained most of the time and was a thankless task.

Thanks are due  to the members of PCS , NUT , Gosport Labour Party ,Gosport Green Party and Solfed who braved the elements to make a difference.

Gosport remains Nazi free.

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