Friday, 18 May 2012

Golden Dawn : Now they attack the LGBT community.

                                                “After the immigrants you are next.” 

This was the blunt heading on the top of leaflets Golden dawn members were distributing in the Gazi district of Athens.This is known to be a district with a high proportion of LGBT residents. This is of course not the first time that they have distributed anti-gay leaflets and attempted to intimidate the gay community.In 2005 they gave out homophobic leaflets during the Athens Pride March.

This is a classic fascist strategy of finding several minorities to scapegoat to build a movement.This follows comments from Michaloliakos about the gas chambers of Auschwitz which amount to Holocaust denial.

They are now speaking up about "sick and abnormal " homosexuals.
 According to Greek reporter

   "The General Secretary of the far-right party told reporter Stavros Theodorakis during an interview that homosexuals are an abnormal part of Greek society. “I wouldn’t feel proud if I were a fag,” added party leader Nikos Michaloliakos.

When asked if Golden Dawn has homosexual members, Michaloliakos noted that there are no particular tests to perform on his party members to know for sure who is homosexual and who is not. Being openly homosexual and being a member of Golden Dawn at the same time is impossible, according to the General Secretary of the party."

There are also growing concerns about collusion between GD and the police .There have been reports of both organisations jointly attacking immigrants,and also a wealth of reports of Golden Dawn members attacking people whilst the police stand around doing nothing.

Clearly communities are going to have to organise their own self defence.

Spokesperson of the Homosexual Groups of Greece Gregory Vallianatos who has been victimised by Golden Dawn twice in the past is demanding action.

 “What Michaloliakos said was a direct threat against all homosexuals. He may be cool or not about him being a ‘fag’, but he beats anyone else who feels proud of being a ‘fag."

The line the Nazis are now taking is to associate Gay people with leftism and saying it is a product of decadent socialism.This is straight out of German National Socialism  of the 1930s.

Golden Dawn is now maintaining that homosexuality is completely alien to Greek society.

 Alexander the Great, Sophocles,  Euripides and Socrates were unavailable for comment.

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