Thursday, 12 April 2012

BNP standing in Gosport again.(revisited)

Gosports new BNP candidate.

You may remember Barry Bennett,the BNPs candidate in the general election.This was his comment on Stormfront the white supremacist network.“I believe in National Socialism, WW2 style, it was best, no other power had anything like it,” ‘he wrote. “The ideology was fantastic. The culture, nothing like it. If it was here now, I’d defect to Germany.”

Due to comments like this that the BNP became known locally as the Luftwaffe Solidarity Campaign.

Sunny Martin local BNP regional organiser and longtime BNP member is their new candidate.She is pictured above with the BNP fuhrer Nick Griffin. Perhaps its worth reminding ourselves what he and the BNPs values are.

Like most of the BNP she holds views on race which are at complete variance with the rest of the country.Also she is a supporter of the EDL.Whose alcohol and drug fuelled antics have scarred many British cities and were responsible for a drunken rampage outside the main Portsmouth Mosque.

She is also a supporter of Emma West. Whose revolting behaviour can be seen below.

She is also a big fan of Saga, the Nazi singer songwriter who features prominently amongst the line up at Blood and Honour,and other Nazi events.Saga was also mentioned as a significant influence in Breivek's tract that was released after the slaughter in Oslo.

Saga has been referred to as the Madonna of the National Socialist movement.Any viewing of her performances on youtube get some idea of what she is about.Blood and Honour gigs are notorious for their "sieg heiling " and adoption of overt and unapologetic Nazi imagery.

I don't know if Ms Martin goes to see Saga at blood and Honour gigs.

 Here are some people who do .That is an official Blood and Honour T-Shirt.

Notice anything about it?

There is little chance of her being elected ,but council elections can sometimes deliver protest votes.So complacency is not an option.

UAF will be out campaigning in Gosport against the BNP in the election.

Anyone who wants to get involved should contact UAF at

"All that is necessary for evil to prevail is that good people do nothing."

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