Friday, 20 April 2012

Tommy Robinson :EDL are joining March for England event in Brighton.

Tommy Robinson, the leader of the EDL was quoted on BBC Sussex Radio this morning saying that members of the EDL would be coming to Brighton this Sunday to support the March for England demo.There has always been some crossover between the two organisations.

 MfE supporters and flags are regularly in evidence at demos organised by the racist and fascist thugs of the EDL.

Their Brighton event is also being backed by the EDL-linked racist football hooligan organisation Casuals United, which has told supporters not to wear ‘colours’ – EDL or Casuals clothing or insignia. They wanted to pretend their racist demo is just a St George’s day event.  Now apparently they have decided to go public .Whether this is a policy shift or one of Tommy Robinsons gafffes,who can say?

March for  England have always maintained that their MFE St.Georges event was a fun family day out.

This fiction is impossible to maintain when you have the EDL turn up.Who will, if previous experience is anything to go by , be trollied on Stella and Charlie and chanting obscenities.

Some family day out.

The mask is off .It is imperative we have one final push for a huge  anti-fascist presence to make sure they realise they are not welcome in Brighton.

 Brighton UAF and all Brighton Anti-fascists are calling for the largest possible mobilisation.

Assemble Queens road,top of Gloucester road Sunday 22nd.

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  1. Well you will be happy to know that the MfE/EDL Brighton went off very well (for us that is). They were utterly humiliated, completed barely 1/3 of their planned route and only made it with difficulty to their destination. People were unanimous in their hostility with possibly the largest anti-fascist turnout since the war. A day to savour! see