Monday, 9 April 2012

Oppose the EDL in Luton.

UAF is calling on all antiracists and antifascists to mobilise for a national demo against the English Defence League in Luton on Saturday 5 May.

A coalition of local trade unionists and community groups in Luton is organising the march against the EDL.

This will assemble at 11am, Wardown Park, New Bedford Road, Luton LU3 1LP and march to St George’s Square in the centre of town.

We want as many people as possible from around the country to join the protest against the EDL, which has called its own demo in Luton on that day.

Luton is where the EDL was formed, after a balaclava-clad mob of violent racists ran rampage through the town in 2009.

But Luton does not belong to the EDL – it is a multiracial, multicultural town where the overwhelming majority of local people reject the EDL’s message of anti-Muslim racist hate.

In September, thousands of antifascists successfully stopped the EDL from setting foot in Tower Hamlets – the demo they had described as their ‘big one’. The 600 EDL thugs who turned out could not set foot accross the borough boundary.

The day was a victory for all those who oppose the EDL.

But the EDL has not been knocked out and has been able to regroup in some areas – helped by irresponsible national TV coverage and the decision by police to let just 450 EDL supporters march through Leicester.

And Luton is where they want to rally their forces and boost themselves up. Last year, they brought around 3,000 to Luton – above their usual turnouts at the time.

They were opposed by demonstrators in the centre of town and by huge numbers of people who gathered in Bury Park – which has a large Muslim population – to defend the local area from the EDL.

Now we need to make sure there are huge numbers of people on the Luton march against the EDL on 5 May, to deal a decisive blow against the racists and fascists in the town they seek to claim as their ‘home ground’. We want to show them they are not welcome in Luton – or anywhere else.

There will be transport going from portsmouth.

Tickets will be fifteen pounds waged,ten pounds unwaged.

More info or tel:07954218281

Also see Facebook page:LMHR/UAF:Stop the EDL in Luton.

Please get the word out .Remember to forward to Trade Unions
Community and faith groups etc.

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