Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Brighton :Oppose March for England.Sunday 22nd April

Antifascists in Brighton are organising against ‘March for England’ – an outfit with close ties to the English Defence League that has announced a march in the city on Sunday 22 April.
MfE supporters and flags are regularly in evidence at demos organised by the racist and fascist thugs of the EDL.
Their Brighton event is also being backed by the EDL-linked racist football hooligan organisation Casuals United, which has told supporters not to wear ‘colours’ – EDL or Casuals clothing or insignia. They want to pretend their racist demo is just a St George’s day event.
Antifascists are determined to expose and oppose these racists. UAF supporters an other antifascists will meet on Queens Road, at the top of Gloucester Road at 11.30am on Sunday 22 April.

Public meeting

Brighton UAF has also organised a public meeting, titled ‘How should we oppose racism and fascism?’ on Tuesday 17 April at 7pm, South Wing Community Base.
The meeting will be chaired by Professor Raf Salkie, with speakers including Simon Burgess (Labour party), Phelim McCafferty (Green party) and longstanding UAF and Love Music Hate Racism activist Lee Billingham.

For people planning to go to protest from Portsmouth.Please contact: portsmouthuaf@gmail.com 

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