Sunday, 8 April 2012

Protest against March for England: Brighton,St. Georges day.April 22nd.

The racist March for England are holding another protest in Brighton this St.Georges day.This will attract the usual bunch of EDL,BNP ,NF and other assorted racist and fascist bigots.

It is important we get as large a mobilisation as possible to this. Whether we organise a minibus, coach or just sort out block booking on the train will depend on numbers. All those wishing to attend the counter protest please contact me on, or telephone: 07954218281.

No,to this sort of thing.

Let's go and celebrate the real multicultural and diverse Brighton.

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  1. Thats absurd, it's not "Nazis" It's pissed off brits who see their children being raped by mulsim paedo gangs and the government doesn't help taking 20 years plus to get rid of Abu Quatada.
    "Multiculturalism" and "social cohesion" are a fantasy, muslims DO NOT want to integrate, they want to turn OUR country into theirs, but no one here wants to be taken back 2000 years to an age of savagery and abolishion of womens rights, get a clue soft touch liberal idiot