Friday, 3 May 2013

BNP Nazis get a pasting in Gosport and elsewhere.

The election results in Gosport have been a disaster for the BNP.

 In the district of Bridgemary where they have done so much work and had such high expectations they could not even garner 1% of the popular vote.they achieved a derisory 0.92% of the vote.In addition Labour managed to gain a new seat in  Bridgemary, which probably didn't cheer the BNP up much. In Leesland and Town they did slightly better.However even there they saw a sharp decline in support compared to the vote in the same area last year. Sunny Martin managed to get 3.9% last year however this was drastically cut back to 2.14% this year.Around a 40 % reduction in their vote.

 It might appear not much work was  being done in the town area in terms of building their vote, however they have been  trying to establish some kind of base around the Bridgemary area. This includes meetings in pubs etc. The BNP has long had a presence in Gosport including its local organisers residing there. However,  in the last five years their vote has progressively decreased.

The BNP also lost their only council seat in the country at Padiham and Burnley.

The Nazis have now seen their dreams of establishing a beach-head on the south coast unravel. The EDL in Portsmouth were forced to concede that the group down here had effectively collapsed.

Whilst the BNP and EDL may have seen their fortunes wither on the vine UKIP are cause for serious concern.

The EDL publicly called for support for UKIP and the internet is awash with praise for their success from the right of sensible to far beyond.They are not a Fascist organisation , however their racist populism is hitting a chord with many people.

Whilst not Nazis the pronouncements of many of their candidates is appalling.
From the candidate last year calling for disabled foetuses to be compulsorily aborted to another muttering about Jewish conspiracies and referencing the notorious forgery The protocols of the elders of Zion , there are grounds to be fearful.
It is clear they have to be taken on.
There is no room for complacency, they are giving Islamophobia and racism a veneer of middle class respectability that can aid the fascists.

The decrease in the vote in Gosport didn't happen overnight it was due to consistent campaigning against the Nazis.
This culminated in a day of action in Gosport against the Fascists the Saturday before the elections when thousands of leaflets were stuffed through the letter boxes of Bridgemary and given out in the town centre,my heartfelt thanks to all those who made the time to help out.

You made a difference!


  1. Are you sure UKIP aren't fascists? Have you seen ?

    The tide of mass EU immigration has pushed down wages and restricted job opportunities. Only by leaving the EU can we regain control of our borders.

    The State must defend its peoples. Keep our nuclear deterrent and make increased defence spending a clear priority, even in these difficult times, to underpin Britain’s global role.

    Repeal the Human Rights Act to end abuses by convicted criminals and illegal immigrants.

    Free the police force from the straitjacket of political correctness and ‘targets’.

    Our traditional values have been undermined. Children are taught to be ashamed of our past. Multiculturalism has split our society. Political correctness is stifling free speech.

    Sounds more than a little fascist to me

  2. One of the defining characteristics of Nazism was invading other countries for no good reason and killing thousands of their inhabitants. Labour plus Tories invaded Iraq for no good reason and hundreds of thousands of Muslims died as a result. In contrast, the BNP opposed the invasion from day one.

    So unless you’re stupid, you ought to be able to work out which are the real Nazi parties in Britain.