Monday, 6 May 2013

March for England to visit Portsmouth?

 Addendum.11th June.
 (Due to a complaint from the Sea Cadets association the picture has been removed.The picture shows the sea cadets and is emblazoned with March for England. They have written to me to voice their displeasure  that the image of the Sea Cadets being associated with the group .)

The picture above has been appearing all over Nazi pages on Facebook.It appears to be a bit of a teaser. It's worth bearing in mind March for England is both an organisation and an event.It doesn't say they will be marching in Portsmouth.If they do wish to come there are plenty of people who will be happy to heckle them .They are just recovering from their recent debacle in Brighton.About 150 Nazis being harangued by 2-3 thousand Anti Fascists.

Another factor is they seem to be falling out with everyone.They are no longer on good terms with either the Casuals or the EDL ,with recriminations about a perceived lack of support.It is also felt that their leader in Portsmouth has been attempting to play people off against each other. For two years running they have been embarrassed in Brighton and it's possible they are thinking of coming down here.However they also seem to be thinking of  a return to Brighton.
They appear to have discovered a new Saint,one a bit more English than St.George,who at best was Mediterranean, and possibly Palestinian.Something which doesn't go down too well in MFE circles.St. Edmund is the current favourite and the South East Alliance, who are largely the same people as MFE, are calling for an event in November.This was brought to my attention by Anti Fascist Network.

The violence of the intent and the  imagery are unavoidable, and are sure to attract the attention of the Police.There has been a tension within the Fascist movement in recent months between the people who want to project a more respectable image and those who look at the success of Golden Dawn in Greece and want  a return to more old fashioned street based violence.
There is concern about the nature of the event as reported in The Argus : A message on the South East Alliance Facebook page reads: “Our event in Brighton for St George’s Day was rudely interrupted by those of the UAF and ANTIFA.
“Now we plan to return to Brighton on St Edmund’s Day to celebrate our true nation’s saint.
“This time the Swampys of the left won’t be invited, but no doubt they'll gatecrash it. Will you return to Brighton to celebrate on November 20?”
There has been no announcement of a demo for Portsmouth nor has there been permission requested.However, this is almost half a year away,and only a few weeks are required for notice to be given.This appears to be kite flying at the moment,and we will have to see how this develops.
In the event of there being a march we will have to consider the appropriate response.
This could be a provocation ,and therefore we will have to see what happens.However the proposed event in Brighton with its violent overtones is the more worrying prospect as it seems that at the moment that is more likely to be actioned.It may be that it is Brighton that requires our support.
Considering the humiliation they recieved in Brighton this may be whistling in the dark.  

However experience has taught us there is no room for complacency.

We will keep you posted.

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