Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Portsmouth has an EDL revival ,of sorts.

The poster the EDL used for the Newcastle demo.
Can you conceive of anything more disrespectful to Lee Rigby's memory?

The EDL have been busy recently.The barbaric murder of Lee Rigby in Woolwich and ensuing public outrage has been something that the EDL has not been short in capitalising on.
There has been a wave of attacks upon Muslims and their places of worship and the EDL are hopeful that this will re-energise their moribund  movement.
On Saturday they had arranged to meet up at the Jean Jacques Pub on Fratton road.This is directly opposite the Portsmouth Central Mosque.It was obvious what the intent was.
A quick phone call to the pub put paid to that,and they were told to take their custom elsewhere.They ended up at the Connaught Arms, when they were through there they ended up marching up Fratton road where they were seen Sieg Heiling at the Mosque. They then tried to force their way over Fratton Bridge, and there is some confusion as to what happened next.It appears that the Police allowed 60 of  them to march to the town centre although as far as we know  no prior permission was given.During the course of this they stopped outside the Somers Town Adventure Playground and were witnessed chanting "Pakhis out." It appears that the Police did not take action and arrest anyone,but we are appealing for any witnesses to this to contact the Police.They proceeded through town chanting "Muslim bombers off our streets."
There was a small breakaway group of about 25 who stood outside the Mosque,we managed to get 40 odd people down there.The protest they held consisted of waving a flag in the road and was a fairly quiet desultory affair.
The Police maintained that the War Memorial area had been protected ,however we found out later that they had occupied it and they posted pictures on the net of them cavorting around it.

The Police conduct on the day left something to be desired.It is inescapable that either the Police were being less than honest or they were not in control of events.
The fact that they were allowed to hold a march with no permission is intriguing.
When Stop the War wanted to hold a march over the Israeli conflict in Gaza in 2009 they  were told that a weeks notice had to be given.So people held a Rally in Guildhall Square. After the rally when people walked down to Commercial Road using the streets and pedestrian crossings to do some leafleting, the Police announced that it was an illegal march. They promptly arrested John Molyneux and proceeded to prosecute him to the full extent of the law.
It seems that there is one law for peace activists and another for the drunken racists of the EDL.
I am not suggesting the Police have any sympathies with the EDL,many of the EDL are football hooligans and enjoy fighting with the Police
This is not just to score points at police tactics.
However, I think this was appeasement.
If you appease bullies like the EDL they come back for more.
On Saturday 1st June the BNP are holding a demonstration in Woolwich and the EDL in a spoiler tactic are trying to hold demos or remembrance marches on the same day to draw people away.
The EDL is organising a memorial march in Portsmouth with no Police or Council permission .
The impression is that if they get enough people there that it will be a Fait Accompli and the Police will reluctantly permit them to march.
It is therefore important that people get the word out that this is:
1 an EDL event.
2 is an unlawful protest and therefore dangerous and not child friendly
3 has nothing to do with honouring the memory of Lee Rigby.
4 Has been advertised on Casuals United ,the football hooligans site.
It is also important for people to contact their councillors  to demand that the Police hold the line and do not allow this illegal protest to take place.

The current mood will pass , however it is imperative that everyone makes sure that the Racists and Fascists do not use the perfectly understandable sense of public outrage over Lee Rigby's bestial Murder to get a foothold.


We have just been informed that in spite of clearly being too late to call a demo, that the law is to be put to one side to accommodate the political needs of the EDL.
The Police have announced that they are to have their march.
The reason that it is so important for it to be this Saturday rather than the next one or the one after is due to the internal politics of the far right .The relationship between EDL and  BNP is on a par with the Popular Front of Judea scene in Life of Brian.
The BNP are holding their first march for years in Woolwich this Saturday and the EDL are doing their utmost to wreck it.This is why they are holding a raft of events across the country to pull people away from it.
There are many people who will be duped into joining this march , which is why we must not dismiss them all as racist idiots
However this  is an EDL front and everyone should do there utmost to discourage people from supporting it.

Since the Police have given permission this has appeared.

UAF will be in town from 12.00 petitioning against the racist backlash caused by Lee Rigby's tragic death and will be responding to events as they happen.

Please contact us on

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