Friday, 31 May 2013

EDL March in Portsmouth. UAF launch Unity statement in Portsmouth:Don't Let the Racists divide us.

After several days of maintaining that the proposed procession  in  Portsmouth was not EDL the mask is off.The background to the business can be found here.
We are urging everybody in Portsmouth to give this a wide berth.If you want to show your support for the military there are plenty of bona fide military charities to support.
        For those who like  Commemorative events, they  are best left to the Royal British Legion or respective regiments, who can do these things with a bit of decorum.Also people can lay flowers at any time at an appropriate memorial ,they do not need to go to an event organised by the EDL.

Lee Rigby's family have broken their silence today.

From the BBC:

Killed soldier Lee Rigby would not have wanted his death used to excuse reprisal attacks, his family have said.
Drummer Rigby's family called for calm as the Queen met army personnel during a visit to the barracks near where he died on 22 May.
In a statement his family said his friends' different cultures and religions "made no difference to Lee".

The family's plea came amid reports of a rise in anti-Muslim incidents since the soldier's murder last week.
An inquest into Drummer Rigby's death was adjourned earlier after hearing he was hit by a car and attacked with a knife and cleaver on his return to the barracks from work at the Tower of London.

In a statement they added: "We would like to emphasise that Lee would not want people to use his name as an excuse to carry out attacks against others.

Meanwhile, Drummer Rigby's regiment the Royal Fusiliers have issued a notice to veterans and serving soldiers warning them about being associated with far-right groups.

Brig Ian Liles, regimental secretary to the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, wrote: "It is wrong and disgraceful that the death of one of our own should be exploited in this manner and that dishonour, by wrongful association, is brought on to the regiment."
And in a separate notice Col James Stopford warned "extremist organisations (English Defence League in particular) will seize any opportunity to align veterans with their cause".

The sight of EDL members giving Nazi salutes refutes the idea that they have any respect for the British Armed Forces.
Tommy Robinson denies this to be the case and that it is just photos of people waving.He maintains that there is no moving footage.

Below is some moving footage taken this Bank Holiday Monday near The Cenotaph

Tommy you are Soooo busted!

We urge people in the strongest possible terms not to attend this march and if possible to dissuade others from attending also. This event is about exploiting Lee Rigby's memory ,not respecting it.

UAF will be out doing the Portsmouth Launch of the Unity petition.

From 12.00  noon  we wll be in  Commercial Road around the area of Burger King.
We are appealing for all anti-racists to come along and help,or just sign the statement .

We are also calling on all community groups, faith groups and Trade Unions to support a forthcoming Unity Rally we are planning for Portsmouth.

We will also be monitoring events on the day,and if possible keeping this page updated. .

 Hope to see you there.

0795 421 8281

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